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make witty screenreader compatible

Dec 20, 2010 at 8:58 AM


I am teacher to blind people, is there a possibility to do more tests with the free screenreader because I like the way you work with twitter, but the google project quoththetwitter is nvda-compatible but not that good as witty + problems to  to sign in into quoththetwitter!
What I like about qouththetwitter = simple text-line menu + textsize bigger smaller + color change possible!!
Maybe there is a possibility that this can also be integrated into witty twitter?
+ translating possibility?  = example for this is the twittersoftware: 

Can be in this witty twitter also rss-compatibility like = or

Please can you help me to make witty twitter blind-accessible because you already have shortcuts but the ARROW down, up, left right seems not to work when a menu is selected. Also the buttons in the top are not screenreader labeled..

thanks to work on that!

Karel Rosseel
ict-teacher blinds people 18+